Dunnwood Drums 

Deerskin Frame Drums and Rattles 

Welcome to Dunnwood Drums  the home of Drum making 

Dunnwood Drums is the home of Fine handmade deerskin drums and all that goes with them . 

We make Frame Drums , Beaters , Rattles and Shamanic tools  

These are all Handmade using Natural materials and as much as possible local resources.

The Red Deer skins that we have  tanned are sourced from a local deer farm where the Animals welfare is the main priority 

Reindeer Skins:   we are occasionally able to acquire  from the Sami people of Sweden Who still heard the deer in their traditional ways.

Each Drum is made with the greatest respect given to the Animals and materials used.

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Could the Person who order a Reindeer Drum . Please contact us we need your details 

Also we have received your stick. Thank you 


We have a variety of drums for you to choose from From round or oval Frame. If you really want we can try and get hexagonal frames. in a variety of Sizes .

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Rattles are a powerful Shamanic tool . we have a variety of designs to offer . 

They can be painted and decorated with fur, feathers , beads  to leather 

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Drumming Circles 

Monthly drumming circles . Designed to connect you with your Drum 

A chance to journey within sacred space .  OR just enjoy the rhythm of the Drum 

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Shamanic services 

We offer a verity of Serviced from Helping you find yourself to Shamanic healing 

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The next Shamans Drum is  August 26th  2022 

at Arkwright  Hall, Holbrook 

Drumming stares 19:30 , doors open  from 19:00.

we are back and open for Drum making and shamanic courses. 

 The Shamans Drum 

Holbrook Derbyshire 

Drumming circles 

We have drumming Circles here at Holbrook on the last Friday of the month . These are a place to come and play your Drum . We create space so you can easily join in whether  you been drumming for ages or Just starting or want to find out if it's for you . 

NEXT DRUMMING ....  September 30th 2022


Drum Making Days  

At Kilburn  Derbyshire 

We offer a chance You  to make your own Drum.  Drum making take a whole day where you can make that drum to your specifications adding your own designs and intensions to make it to your requirements

 IF you would like to make your own Drum , give us a call on 07388604996 


Introduction to Shamanism 

Kilburn  Derbyshire 

 We offer  Courses in Shamanism . Introduction to the basic techniques of shamanic practice.

 Shamanic Healing 

Plant spirit Shamanism 


Drum Beaters 

There are a range of beaters  made from  Suede, Leather , Buckskin   felt and fur  .   stuffed with sheets wool and on a variety of  wood





Feather fans 

Feather fans .

For smudging and shamanic work  

There are a variety of fathers used  form finds  .

£20 +P+P


Get in touch!


3 Fairview Grange 




Pat on 
07388 604996

 Unfortunately we are not a Shop. 

We tend to make drums to order.


Occasionally we have a few in stock


You are always welcome to come over and see us. 

But  please give us a call before you pop over just to ensure we are around .