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Del Handcrafts beautiful  ritual wands. Theses are made from Branches collected in local woods, either wind falls of specifically cut for the purpose from selected Trees.


The Wood is gathered in such a way that the Dryad, the essence of the trees energy is represented within the wood and the wand.

Combined with it’s own Tree Ogham and related crystal to give perfect balance. Each wand is ritually cleansed ready for you to charge as required.

Contact Del on 01332 880984  

dunnwooddrums@live.com     or    delwoods@live.com



Wands avalable are made from woods associated with the Celtic Trees.

We feel that the essence of that Tree is reflected with in the wand and thus will effect its use

Here are the Celtic Trees and ther representations

Birch Wand   :  Lady of the Woods: Tree of Beginning : Siberian Tree of Life

Rowan wand : Lady of the mountains

Ash wand:      The world tree ,Tree of life

Gorse Wand

Alder  Wand:  Tree of the God Bran

Willow Wand : The Tree of Enchantment

Hawthorn:     The may Tree

Oak Wand:    King of Trees ,  The Tree of Warriors , The Door to Mysteries

Holly Wand : Tree of Sacrifice

Hazel Wand  : The tree of immortality :The Tree of Poets: Tree of Knowledge

Apple Wand:  Tree of Love

Aspen Wand:  The Wispering Tree

Ivy Wand: tree of enlightenment

Blackthorn Wand: The mother of the wood

The Elder Wand: The Elder Mother,   Queen of Hearts, The Witches Tree.

Yew Wand: Tree of Eternity, Tree of Resurrection

Pine Wand:Tree of Birth Purification and Forsight

Beech Wand: Tree of Learning, knowledge and wisdom


Combined Tree Wands

Willow  and Ivy Wand   :    The Tree of Enchantment & Enlightenment

Birch and Ivy Wand   :  Lady of the Woods: Tree of Beginning, Enlightenment


Each wand is Presented in it's own Bag with  information on the Tree it's associations, Inspirations and energies. Often combined with its associated crystal for perfect Balance.

Wands can be made to your specification




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