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Video of kirsty and the guys. Kirsty is into working with Fire. Filmed on a mobile phone by an onlooker.

We all met at Camp and together with Danny from spirit Vision and permission from the camp organisers we put on this combined show . Calling in the Fire element using the 3 sacred instruments Drum , Flute and rattle we then handed over to kirsty and the Guys to do their stuff with the Fire and poi.

They were fantastic.


Afterwards , people brought their drums , percussion instruments to party and danced around the Fire


Not to forget the Fire tenders who did a fantastic job of keeping the fire going but ensuring everyone’s safety










Thanks team norbert



Finaly a small vidio . Not so well regarding sound but just look at that fire eater

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Drumming Circle wiltshire camp 2008


Informatine drumming circle does take place within sacre Space.

Drumming allows people to Relax, Meditate, Connect with the otherworld or just join in and enjoy the Rythm