Handmade Deerskin Drums and Rattles Shamanic tools and services.


The Rattles is a powerful Shamanic tool. They can be made from many types of materials, Rawhide, Gourds. They can have Seed, Stones, Crystals or Shells inside. They can be charged by putting crystals in them or other Objects
Energy can be directed with rattles as with a wand.
The Rattle tends to draws the spirit world into the material world whereas the Drum carries the shaman to into the Spirit world. They are said to speak the Voice of the surrounding nature Spirits or Deities

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These are made from Hazel Willow Ash , Any decent wood with a good Hard pith. Soft leater is used for the head and usually a simple finish . We do have some more elaborate beaters with decoration of featers bone or beading.

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