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The Rattles is a powerful  Shamanic  tool. They can be made from many types of materials, Rawhide, Gourds. They can have Seed, Stones, Crystals or Shells inside. They can be charged by putting crystals in them or other Objects  

Energy can be directed with rattles as with a wand.

The Rattle  tends to draws the spirit world into the material world whereas the Drum carries the shaman to into the Spirit world.  They are said to speak the Voice of the surrounding nature Spirits or Deities

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We make our rattles from Rawhide  of the Red deer normaly,using small stones to create the rattle sound. Rattle ican be left with ther Natural finish or Painted with a pattern or Medicin Animal, Finished with simple beading or Fur and/or feathers


Each Rattle dictates it's own design and no two Rattles are exactly the same



We also make a rattle and beaters combined so you can drum and use a Rattle at the same time


Rattles and beaters can be made to order.

Contact Pat to Discuss designs either by

Phone 0n 01332 880984 E-Mail dunnwooddrums@live.com

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These are made from Hazel Willow Ash , Any decent wood with a good Hard pith. Soft leater is used for the head and usually a simple finish . We do have some more elaborate beaters with decoration of featers bone or beading.

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