Handmade Deerskin Drums and Rattles  Shamanic  tools and services. 






Welcome to Dunnwood Drums 

The home of fine handmade Deerskin Drums.


Here at Dunnwood drums We make Shamanic style Frame Drums , Beaters , Rattles and Shamanic tools  


These  are all Handmade using Natural materials and local resources.


The Red Deer skins that we have  tanned are sourced from a local deer farm where the Animals welfare is the main priority


Reindeer Skins:   we are occasionally able to acquire  from the Sami people of Sweden Who still heard the deer in their traditional ways.


Each Drum is made with the greatestrespect given to the Animals and materials used.



if you require further infomation

TEL  01332 880984

E- MAIL  dunnwooddrums@live.com




Please feel free to look around and if you have any queries we will be more than happy to answer any questions



My Inspiration is the sound of the drums.

The feel of the rhythm joining  people together Usually round a camp fire.

Accompanied by parting. But always the sprit of being part of something.

I always imaged our ancestors  Dancing around a similar camp fire

either in festivity or some Tribal ceremony.


Drumming  is the beat of the heart.

The beating pulse of the Earth , of life.  The rhythm of the Universe.


My inspiration is MY DRUM I go where it takes me .

I’ll go were it guides me .

It tells me what I must do .

The information I need to collect.

Connects me to individuals who inspire me.

Offers help and guidance.

Tells of the activities I need to do , the meditations and journeys I must undertake.


It heals me, Guides me,  Inspires me. Connect me with Spirit,Ancestors ,

My Guides and Totem Animals.

The Gods

It draws spirit.  

Takes me to the otherworld.

It leads me to Understanding .

Arwen, Nirvana , Enlightenment.

I am my drum, my Drum is me...



ByPat Dunnicliffe

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Friday Ocober 11th 2019


Trance Dance a blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic  percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques – together stimulating a ‘trance’ state that promotes spiritual awakenings.

Dance like our ancestors did

Dance to the djembe beat

Dance like there’s no-one watching.

Follow the drum beat to take your body where ever it wants to go and allowing your mind to fly in a form of shamanic journeying.

led By Jean Douglas


Arkwright Hall      Moorside LaneHolbrook DE56 0TW

Cost £10. on the door

More information call Jean 01629 822716  or Pat 01332880984

Trance Dance