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We make 16" Frame drums  using Red deer Hide. We can Occasonly get Fallow Deer and Reindeer.

We can offer Smaller drums at 9"

Larger at 18"

Oval Sami Drums 15" and 20" Frame


You can have the skin painted. However unless you have a specific design we recommend you see the Beautiful patterns and natural colours of the hide before you decide

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Each Drum comes with it's own beater. These are made from Hazel Willow Ash , Any decent wood with a good Hard pith. Soft leather is used for the head and usually a simple finish . We do have some more elaborate beaters with decoration of feathers bone or beading see below. Rattles and beaters can be made to order. Either as a Rattle or combined Beater Plus rattle


If you wish to discuss any items featured within the site We can be contacted.

By Phone . on 01332 880984

By E-Mail at dunnwooddrums@live.co

By post to

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Shamanic journeying
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 Sami style Drum  

Normaly made from ReinDeer, can be Red deer

 The skin is sown onto the Frame . The excess hide is gather up on the back, Decorated with beads and /Or ribbon

 can be Painted in the traditionol manner or as you desire

See Drum below

Frame Drum.

Made traditionlt with Red Deer skin

The hide is attached to the Metal Frame ,This aids Strenghten the Drum and helps keep it's tone better.

Normaly  finshed with a Bridgets cross handle as above But we can add any style you like.


Frame Drum, Sweat Lodge or Lakota style

Made  without the Metal support  

The  lacing binded to form the handle

Picture 242

Sami Stle .with tradtiomal symbols

Each Figure represents aspcts of Sami cuture  from Gods , Animals, to  the Wilderness, Hunting and many other aspectd including 3 world views.