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Drumming Groups and Circles


Dunnwood Drums Organise Drumming Groups, circle within the Derbyshire area.

 We are also involved in creating Rituals and ceremonies for many different Occasions. Along with drumming circles for other venues and organisations,  including Hasfest, Pagan Camps,  and Health Authorities.

















The main idea of the drumming circles is to allow  People who enjoy Drumming to get together  and share the experience of drumming  and rhythm.

There is no experience needed and Beginners are welcome 

Drumming circles are a noisy Fun and friendly evenings with a sense of community spirit.


We believe that the drumming circle creates  a space where all are equal .

It is a space where people are allowed to drum and express themselves freely.

A place where you can meet others who drum and interchange ideas.


Drumming together creates a  strong sense of group identity and a feeling of belonging. Participants are actively making music together. The sustained repetition of the steady beat acts to bring people together physically, emotionally, and mentally .


Drumming brings people together to become a part of something bigger than themselves. Tribal in many cultures, the drum circle lets everyone be equal, no significance is given to age, status, personality or image.


For all drummers A Drumming group is a good space to practice within and allows you to pick up rhythms  from others around you .

However there are no teachers or teaching sessions . But anyone would be happy to discuss drumming and there experiences.




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Why Drum


Participation in drumming group  has some physical benefits.

These  including sustained physical activity, relaxation, and use of fine motor skills.

   The physical and emotional benefits of drumming are well recognised and documented:

    It relaxes the body and calms the mind

    It improves concentration and focus

    It promotes confidence, self-esteem and well being

    It produces feelings of integration and euphoria

    It develops and improves listening skills

    It develops awareness of and respect for others.

Because drumming is said to involves both the logical and the creative hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, it can also improve creativity.


Drumming can be use as a tool to aid empowerment, communication, confidence, community and team building,

 Sound is a powerful tool it  can be used for celebration, healing, journeying and bonding purposes.


Drumming for health

 There are many health benefits associated with playing a drum and participating in a rhythm-based event.

Science is now verifying the therapeutic effects of drumming. A recent medical research study indicates that drumming boosts the immune system.. Other studies have demonstrated the calming, focusing, and healing effects of drumming on  patients and is a valuable treatment for stress, fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, headaches, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, and sleep and emotional disorders.  (Michael Drake 2002)(The Shamanic Drum)  

Drums are increasingly used in music therapy, especially hand drums, because of their tactile nature and easy use by a wide variety of people.

Therapeutic effects of drumming more information




Spiritual practice .

Drumming in a Group is an ideal way to meditate or journey. We hope that the atmosphere within the circle allows those who wish, to use the group for Spiritual practice .

Rhythmic Drumming aids a trance like state which allows us to transcend the superficial mind.

The vibration created by the drum changes brainwave patterns from Beta or Alpha to Theta, initialising a deeper state of mind. The Drumming allows this Trance like experience Allowing space for mourning or meditating.

True connection to Spirit is ultimately found within ourselves


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Just to drum

Rhythm is the beat of life, the energy that runs through all. Just to drum and join in that rhythm can be an exhilarating experience within itself.To be allowed to make a noise and express yourself can be an uplifting experience.


RHYTHM for Life : information on drumming for everyday events

Drumming Circles are held at  Arkwright Hall Moorside lane Holbrook  and Eyres Chaple Chesterfield

These are for people to get together and Drum. To enjoy the experience of the Rhythm.

Anyone can come along , beginners are welcome. No experience is needed.

Bring any percussion instruments you like (we've even had someone with an accordion)

Drumming can be done for people just to experience playing, enjoying the rhythm and the sound of your Drum.

Chant and Song can also be incorporated. You can Drum to Connect with spirit Guides ,Totem Animals , to  Journey or Meditate or for healing purposes within this group.

We are experimenting with other ideas Such as Dance.

All new ideas are welcome



See Events and drumming Circle page for details of the next  Meeting.

For more details about drumming groups  contact us on 01332 80984 0r













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                                                                                                                                                 Pic by Wendy Sheldon Shamanic pan-Tree collective

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Drumming at Eyres Chapel

We are now running the Shamans Drum Workshops ;.

A series of drumming workshops designed to connect you with your Drum,

There will be lots of drumming and Chances to explore the Rhythm of the Drum.

 We  hope to bring you a chance to look at  other activities for you and your Drum.

To Discover the Spirit of the Shamans Drum. To Unite with the Spirit of your Drum.

Create Sacred Space , To Journey,

 From the Mysteries of Creation to the Here and Now.

Connecting Yourself, your  Community and Spirit. Balancing your soul, find your Spirit Guides ..

Find your Path, your Voice, and your Song. Heal your Soul.

Within these workshops we hope to consider what one can achieve from a shamanic point of view using your Drum 

your welcome to come along and join in us anytime .

There are Further Drumming Group in Chesterfield run by Gwen and Jay. This takes place at Eyre Chapel every 1st Thursday of the month.

Shamanic Journying and Worksho