Handmade Deerskin Drums and Rattles  Shamanic  tools and services. 

DrummeRs and Drum makers

Drum  Makers



Carolyn Hillyer.    Traditional hand-crafted frame drums from Dartmoor  



Sarah Howcroft .Wilderness Spirit.  



 Shamanic Druidry      Shamanic Drum Making in Kent        http://ancientkent.blogspot.co.uk/


David Wilson,  Shamanic Practitoner and Drum Maker Scartho,Grimsby.  N.E Lincolnshire  

E- Mail nomaddwwilson@btinternet.com Tel 0752821787


Nick Breeze wood  Nicholas has been making both shamanic and medieval drums based on  different drum-making traditions of the Native Americans, and those of the Mongolians and Southern Siberian shamans.Shamanic art and craft. http://nicholasbreezewood.me/Pages/Crafts/Drums.htm


 The Riverdreamer shamanic tools  Drum maker , Feather Fans , Rattles http://www.riverdreamer.com/index.html




 Gunn Hoffgard is a Drum maker and Artist Living and working in the North of  Sweden   http://www.ge-hofgaard.se/index.cfm?links=1




BODHRAN WISDOM Ceremonial and ritual Drumming for Sacred Journeys http://www.bodhranwisdom.co.uk/


 HUMDRUMSTRUM Rhythm  for a Healthy life : using rhythm for relaxation, meditation and healing.   http://www.humdrumstrum.co.uk/perf.html


NATIVE DRUMS  an exciting and innovative website devoted to the rich heritage of First Nations culture.  http://www.native-drums.ca/


TALKING DRUM PUBLICATIONS Drake began  his journey into rhythm by studying with Mongolian and  American shaman. On these pages is all you need to Know about Drumming , Therapeutic effects , Spiritual aspects and many more article  


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