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In the High Peal


Dunnwood Drums is taking its Unique Drum making event into the high peak


17th Feb 2018




Hadfield Hall, Station Road Hadfield,

High Peak, Derbyshire, SK13 1AA  


We offer a chance to craft your own Frame Drum

with the intention you desire  whether for Drumming , Journeying ,Connecting with Spirit, Healing.












This Full day workshop we help you to craft your own special drum

In Making your own drum you can produce it with that special purpose in mind.

Add your own Designs and energies .



Drums are made from Red Deer skin and are 16“  across


We would like to help you create your drum within sacred space

it take a good full day to craft your unique Drum

Ending with a ceremony to consecrate your new Drum.





Includes all Materals



For further Details contact

Pat Dunnicliffe , Del Woods

Tel 01332 880984

E-Mail dunnwooddrums@live.com




Hadfield Hall enquirys only tel  01457 854364