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Samhain Drumming party,

Thanks to all who attended and made this such a special night .

We wanted to have a night where the Ancestors were honoured, To have a small Ritual , Celebration, feasting and Drumming

To help do this We Created the Ancestor grove where people could sit, reflect, Light Candles in honour of their Ancestors, Relatives and those who were special to them. We used our Masks erected on poles,  dress to represent the Ancestors . We had great fun in organising this and setting up the area There was  small shrine with candles ready to light for Relatives and Ancestor

Somehow we ended up with rather a lot of Pumpkins to prepare Fortunately Gwen and Dawn brought ones they had carved earlier . A scene with a Cat by Gwen and the Wolf by Dawn. Both Brilliant I'm afraid ours just had normal pumpkin faces.

We Began the evening with a shot ceremony to honour the Ancestors which is what Samhain is all about. Then feasting and drumming till late on.

A brilliant time was had by all. Thanks Everyone who came along and helped make it a memorable Night



Once again a fantastic evening , Thanks to  Everyone for making it a Brilliant ritual and celebration.

Once everyone had arrived we got down to the more serious business of the ritual. We had a simple ritual around the Stone circle . Keeping it Brief as it was a little cold. Jay Did a fantastic calling of the quarters and Circle using the Norse traditions he normally works with.

We  Celebrated Yule  as  The Great cosmic Wheel ,  The fiery hub of the universe The turning Year.

Yule is  Rebirth , Midwinter  celebrations .Return of the Sun

In the Winter we can feel low and isolated ,It’s dark and cold ,the place is still,  however the  earth is renewing and regenerating itself , ready for the new life.

Take this time to reflect,  wrap yourself in the darkness and celebrate the stillness . Be still ,  as the earth, but underneath hold the seed of regeneration, Ponder  and meditate on what you wish for the coming Year. What you hope to achieve  and do.

Yule is a time for Friendship, family and sacred Kin. We Give and send blessing for those who could not be here,to those who we have met on this Path and have been Helpful and Supportive .

A few moment were taken to think of  achievements and to reflect on  what’s been good throughout the Year . To meditate ,and Ponder on what you wish for the next year.

We then Light a candle  for the returning Sun . Then it Snowed .

Happy Yule , Blessed solstice and May  the seed we have set come to fruition . May we continue to support  and help each other through out the coming year..


New Years Eve Eclipse of the Moon


As one of our main concerns is environmental issues we needed felt it important to join the Eight thousand sacred drums, drumming for Earth healing. This took place on the 21st March at the Spring Equinox. Drumming was designed to coincide with the Otomt toltec nation Drumming  They  believe when Eight thousand drums join in unison throughout the world that only then can we begin to facilitate  Earth Healing and world peace. But there are other Nations who also believe that Drumming together promotes this.

Not only did the Drumming coincide with the Drumming in Mexico but others around the world timed their drumming  synchronise with this event weather drumming alone or in groups.

The event was held at Stony wood in Wirksworth.

We invited people to bring a stone or crystal to energise , then to take back with them to put in a place that needed some healing weather it be their Garden, parkland or a place in  the environment that needed energy to spark it’s healing.

We also included a small ceremony to also celebrate world water day which was on the 22ed March. to  honours and thanks water. Each participant  said their prayer and offered thanks to the water element. This was then presented to the people of Wirksworth to put into their nearby stream or Well to energise and give  thanks to the element of water for service to the Earth.

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The May

Fantastic May Day celebrations. Everyone helped to orgnise the event. Including the May pole. Lots of fun Trying to errect the Pole and work out how best to dance around it. all we needed was some Morris Dancers

Our Ancestor Figures fron Samhain were transformed by addition of Hawthorn Oak and Ivy to represent the Lord and Lady.

We created a small Laberynth and  Quiet area for reflection.

But of course the evening ended with some excellent Drumming and celebrating.