Handmade Deerskin Drums and Rattles  Shamanic  tools and services. 

About Us


     Del and I live and work within the beautiful Amber valley in the heart of Derbyshire.                                                

Here we draw our inspirations from the Surrounding  Land and rolling Countryside .                                                                                                                                                                                      






















Del next to an Old oak              

Tree Know as  Squeaky  





Finally we have a metal ring which add stability and helps keep the Drum tight. This is made by a Local Blacksmith  in the Little Eaton next village to us They are processed in the traditional ways .


All materials are collected, and Honoured with the greatest respect. Drums are individually Hand Made .Drums , Rattel and wands are all made within sacred space.    Components  being Smudged to cleanse spiritually  in order to honour and revere  the Deer and the materials used.  


 We also :-We also Run:- Drumming Circles

                  The Shamans Drum, Design to connect you , your Drum and Shamanism  

                   Drum Making workshops                  

                    Shamanic Journeying Groups

                    Connecting you to the land with Shamanic workshops

     Walking Group design to connect you with the Natural world and seasonal                   changes

                    We Make Wands and Medicine Bags

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We would like to quote this dedication by Don Two Eagles Waterhawk to the book,  Sacred Beat by Patricia Teisco. It touches how we feel about Trees and Animals, the two main components of the drums that we make.


I Give Special gratitude to the "Standing Ones",the Trees that live comfortably in Both the sky Nation and the Earth Nation_ they teach us about the attainable balance-_ and the four legged which teach us that movement is ever important. These two make up the drum.



We to give special  thanks  to the Trees, these magnificent entities that stand between the worlds , Their roots reach into the lower world , their branches to the upper,  whilst they stand in this world. We honour and respect the Deer and other Animals that inspire us and provide the hides for us, without these two we also would not be making drums. Ho.

Other Drumming Activities


 We have an interest in History ,Celtic ,Viking Mythology .  We both work as Shamanic practitoners  

But Our love of Drumming has inspired us to Create Dunnwood  Drums. Where we make Beautifully Hand Crafted Drums and Rattles .    

 Drums and Rattles are made from Red Deer or Reindeer .The hides are all sourced from wild culled stag and reindeer where the hides are otherwise discarded as waste products.In the interest of honouring the spirit of the animal.

In creating a drum  you give it new life as a sacred medicine

We honour and treat all our components with the greatest respect .                                                      

 The Reindeer Skins we import from the Sami People they are From Jokkmokk in the North of Sweden. Here The reindeer are herded and kept in the traditional ways.   


Wood For the Hoops is sourced from sustainable woodlands and made into hoops by a local Joiner  

 Again the beater wood is collected from local woodlands and is usually made from Hazel ,

willow, Ash or other available wood  with a good hard small pith.

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